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Voice traffic termination in CIS (ex-USSR) countries


Corporate profile


18 April, 2018

ITW 2018

3 May, 2017

ITW 2017


Evrepidou 11A, Egkomi, P.C. 2413,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Moscow Branch:

Ibragimova Street 31/47
Moscow, 105318
Russian Federation

Technical Support Team

Monday-Sunday, 09am-09pm

Company's Background

MTBC Telecom Limited has been rendering service since December   2005.

May, 2005   Entrance to international communication market.Participation in annual     Intelsat Global Telecommunication Meeting held in the USA, District Columbia, Washington
Jul, 2005   The company MTBC Telecom Limited is set up for rendering services   on international communication market
Dec, 2005   Communication center is Germany, Frankfurt-on-Main, is set up
Jan, 2006   ISPC (International Signalling Point Code)  is received from Federal Agency on German Network
Nov, 2006   German Branch of the company starts working in Frankfurt

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