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Voice traffic termination in CIS (ex-USSR) countries




Evrepidou 11A, Egkomi, P.C. 2413,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Moscow Branch:

Ibragimova Street 31/47
Moscow, 105318
Russian Federation
Tel./ Fax :+7(495) 651 82 34

Technical Support Team

Tel./ Fax :+7(495)651-82-30
Monday-Sunday, 09am-09pm

German Branch


MTBC Telecom develops administrative presence at regions  of the voice traffic origination to the CIS countries. German Branch of the company starts working in the end of November in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). 

The primary plan of the company is connection with focused on CIS countries German Call-By-Call operators.

The address of German office is:

Buero Frankfurt

MTBC Telecom Limited
Mainzer Landstr. 27-31
D-60329 Franfurt/Main

Tel.: + 49-69-2740 15 572
Fax: + 49-69-2740 15 111


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