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Voice traffic termination in CIS (ex-USSR) countries




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Allocated Data Links rent


Our company offers a service of Allocated Data Links rent based on own fiber-optical communication line, with opportunity to organize the connection to any area of the world. According Customer’s wish we are ready to organize the construction of "last mile".  

MTBC Telecom Limited have opportunity to organize digital liaison channels with Nx64 Kb/s up to 2 Mb/s throughput, using G.703 and G.704 (or any another in case of organization of "last mile"  - Ethernet, V 35) interface.

The service rendered in the modes of transparent channel can provide reliable data or voices transmission. It can be used for connection to the Internet network or the organizations of communication between various objects (offices, branches, etc.) of your company, located in different territories of the world.


 The service focused on:

  • Communication Operators and ISP
  • International commercial and financial organizations
  • Foreign State Departments, organizations, institutes of science etc.  


 Advantages of using:

  • Perspective technology and high reliability
  • Independent channels (point-to-point), constantly being at the disposal of the client (24 hours per day, 7 days in a week)
  • Transfer of any type of the traffic
  • Opportunity of charges planning with the fixed monthly payment
  • Opportunity of United Corporate Network creation


The price of service includes the cost of channel installation, a monthly user's payment for the throughput capacity, necessary for the Customer (values are multiple to 64 Kb/s) and cost of "last mile".

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