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Voice traffic termination in CIS (ex-USSR) countries




Evrepidou 11A, Egkomi, P.C. 2413,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Moscow Branch:

Ibragimova Street 31/47
Moscow, 105318
Russian Federation

Technical Support Team

Monday-Sunday, 09am-09pm

Caspian Telecoms 2010


On April 28-29 , 2010 in Turkey, Stambul, ( "Hilton Istanbul Hotel").

Representatives of MTBC Telecom- Tatyana Fedulova and Teresa Knyazeva will attend at Caspian Telecoms 2010:- Black Sea and Russia Conference and Showcase of Telecommunications and IT technologies.

We will be happy to arrange meeting with you and discuss possible opportunities of business between our Companies. Please contact us at +7 926 208 01 99 or at

For more information regarding this event please visit

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