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Voice traffic termination in CIS (ex-USSR) countries


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Traffic termination

Concentrating on voice traffic termination to CIS countries we have achieved high quality of rendered service. We are aware of economic and geographic peculiarities in CIS regions and know business intricacies in the national markets. It allows us to ensure reliable partnership relations with key national telecom operators.

On-network communication centers, debugged processing, direct lineup to regional networks of our partners - all these allow us to offer premium quality of voice traffic service with guaranteed CLI to all CIS countries. Besides we can offer exclusive conditions for countries of the Central-Asian region of CIS, for Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in particular.

At present MTBC Telecom Limited services about 30% of all international traffic to Kyrgyzstan and more than 25 % of international traffic to Tajikistan.

In these countries we work in close contact with national communication companies as well as with largest operators of alternative and mobile communication, we render termination service to them both of incoming and outgoing voice traffic. Such companies as Kyrgyz telecom, Tociktelecom , Bitel, MLT, Saima Telecom are among our partners.

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